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Welcome to our Dental Center Janati.

We are here to offer you exceptional dental care for the whole family. Our dedicated team of dental health professionals will take care of your smile with compassion and expertise.

How can we enhance your smile?

Our dental center has transformed the lives of thousands of patients through advanced techniques.

Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood Smile: Reinvent your smile with our top-tier cosmetic dental service. Get dazzling teeth worthy of a movie star with our advanced whitening, custom veneers, and personalized smile design. A unique experience to brighten your face and boost your confidence. Take the step towards a perfect and stunning smile today!

Dental implants

Revitalize your smile with our high-quality, made in Germany dental implants. A durable and aesthetic solution, our implants replace missing teeth, offering a natural look and optimal comfort. We use advanced techniques for perfect integration and a harmonious result. Rediscover the functionality and aesthetics of your smile, and strengthen your confidence with our custom-made implants.


Regain the comfort and aesthetics of a complete smile with our custom Vita-type dental prosthesis. Designed to fit perfectly, they provide a functional and aesthetic solution to replace missing teeth. Our prosthesis, combining modern technology and expertise, ensure a natural appearance and efficient chewing. Pick up our quality dental prosthesis and smile again with confidence and comfort.


Enhance your smile with our personalized orthodontic service. We correct dental and jaw misalignments with innovative solutions (Traditional treatment and Invisalign), combining comfort and discretion. Our modern orthodontic appliances, such as clear braces or invisible aligners, guarantee effective results. Entrust us with your smile for a lasting aesthetic and functional transformation, suitable for all ages.

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We follow strict sterilization and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and our team.

Yes, our dental center is equipped with the modern technologies to ensure effective and comfortable care.